Our Lemons


LemonTree had started out by providing a wide range of lemon drinks, ranging from lemonade, lemon soda, lemon juice and honey lemon. They are 100% natural, organically grown and unbelievably juicy. Each lemon is cared for individually, and only the best are handpicked.
Ever since the founding of lemon three, we have constantly improve our products to suit our consumers. Based on feedbacks, we have grown our product range to include interesting beverages like pink lemonade and lemon smoothie. Our company strive to provide healthy drink to the pubic and belive that the lemon benefits would help the community.

Lemon Three is founded on the 20th of April 2015where it started with four employees. Sales of Lemon Three grew steadily albeit a slow pace. On the 25t of May 2015, they found a great opportunity o expand further through an interested investor. Ever since then, Lemon Three has grown to become the country's largest lemon beverage maker with over 10,000 employees and millions of beverages being sold yearly.

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